The New York Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine offers a full array of travel vaccines including Yellow Fever vaccine, Polio vaccine, Meningitis vaccine, Tdap vaccine, Hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Typhoid vaccine, Hepatitis A (Hep A) vaccine, Chickenpox vaccine, and Japanese Encephalitis vaccine. Let our travel doctor and his international travel health team determine which travel vaccinations are recommended for your specific travel needs.

Travel Vaccine Q & A

What kinds of vaccines are required for travel?

That depends on where you’re traveling. Some countries require proof of vaccinations before they’ll allow you to enter the country. Other vaccinations may not be required for travel, but they may still be recommended in order for you to avoid contracting a disease and becoming ill. Travelers to tropical and sub-tropical countries are at special risk for travel-related illnesses, as are those who travel to developing countries. At Travel Health Services, we offer a comprehensive array of vaccinations for travel throughout the world, including vaccinations for malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and more. Our practice is authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to validate the International Certificates of Vaccination (ICV). During your pre-travel consultation, we’ll review your destination as well as the health risks associated with that locale. We’ll also review your overall health so we can make recommendations based on pre-existing health conditions and other factors.

When should I be vaccinated?

Some vaccines require several weeks to become effective, which means you’d need to be vaccinated a month prior to travel to be fully protected. To ensure your vaccinations are provided at the optimal time, you should call to schedule a pre-travel consultation as soon as you have confirmed your travel dates. The pre-travel consultation will provide you with a list of both required and recommended vaccines as well as other health-related information specific to your needs so you can feel more confident as you explore the world.

Will my insurance cover the costs of my immunizations?

You’ll need to contact your insurance company to determine which immunizations are covered under your insurance. Travel Health Services does not accept insurance, but if your insurance company provides reimbursement, you may file for repayment of your immunization costs following your care.