The New York Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine provides a range of immunizations required and recommended for entry into foreign countries, as well as routine immunizations for adults and children. We are an official Yellow Fever Vaccination Center and are authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to validate the International Certificates of Vaccination (ICV). We take pride in providing high-quality specialized care for all travel medical needs.



Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) $90
Hepatitis A $110 (series of 2 doses at $110 each)
Hepatitis B $95 (series of 3 or 4 doses at $95 each)     
Hep A&B Combo (TWINRIX) $155 (series of 3 or 4 doses at $155 each)
Meningococcal (Menveo A-C-Y-W-135) $165
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) $125
Pneumococcal (PNEUMOVAX) $210
Pneumococcal (PREVNAR-13) $255
Rabies $425 (pre- & post-exposure series of 3 doses at $425 each; $1,275 total)
Shingles vaccine (SHINGRIX) $255 (series of 2 doses at $255 each; $510 total)
Japanese Encephalitis $325 (series of 2 doses at $325 each; $650 total)
Typhoid (Typhim Vi) $115
Oral Cholera vaccine (VAXCHORA)
(patients must be fasting for at least one hour prior to administration)
Polio (IPV) $90
Influenza vaccine $75
Yellow Fever Vaccine (YF-Vax; FDA-approved) $195


The pre-travel consultation charge is $85 per person and is mandatory before vaccines can be administered and medications prescribed. During your pre-travel consultation, our Travel Medicine specialists will help determine which vaccines and medications are recommended for your destination. For children under the age of 18, the full consult fee of $85 will be charged if no other immediate family member is receiving a consult. If a child and an adult come in for a consult, the consult fee of $85 will apply for the adult but the child will receive a discounted fee of $35. If two or more children are receiving vaccines, one consult fee of $85 will apply to one child, and all other remaining child consults will be discounted to $35.
A fee of $25 will be collected to confirm your appointment.

We do not accept insurance.

This request is not a confirmation of your appointment.  Our team will be in touch with you to confirm the date and time of your appointment.

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