This office was very efficient, professional, and thorough. My family of four was able to come in, get completely treated, and check out in less than an hour. We are very happy!

Anne B.

Dr. Connor and Nurse Marina have my A-rating!!

Emma L.

The nurse was great and answered all of our questions (including many questions from my three kids!)

Jaime P.

Good advice regarding upcoming trip. Easy and accommodating on appointment times. Very fast and efficient.

Michele N.

Marina Was extremely knowledgable and very fast and friendly with vaccines and service!

Greyson L.

Fast, helpful service. Everyone I saw was upbeat

James W.

Very professional staff. Lovely, calm waiting room.

Peggy S.

the nurse was very knowledgable

Judy R.

Excellent, caring attention by Dr. Connor, Marina, and staff, as usual.

Marshall K.

Dr. Conner simply cares. I have been blown away by his professionalism and his focus.

Samuel W.

Fantastic! Rapid diagnosis, clear instructions, efficient and genuine caring on the part of Dr Connor and all staff members.

Nancy F.

Lucky are those that are cared for by Dr. Bradley Connor and his assignment Marina.

Fredda K.

I went with my daughter to get vaccines for our trip to Kenya. Our experience was excellent because our administrator was so kind, gentle and patient with my daughter. Thank you for your thoughtfulness with someone who has a fear of needles. The trip was Amazing and we couldn’t have gone without your help.

Victoria F.

Very professional service. We are preparing for a trip to India and our consultation was unhurried and very informative. Lauren, our consultant/nurse, advised us on our options on what we should do and what we could opt out on if we so desired. In addition to our in-office inoculations and prescriptions (she sent them directly to our pharmacy via email), she also advised us on what brand of insect repellent to purchase and how to use it (deet is pretty toxic stuff). A great experience overall. (Great offices, too!).