Q: What is the difference between “required” and “recommended” vaccines?

  • Required: When a specific country’s government requires a traveler to present formal proof of vaccination in order to enter the country.
  • Recommended: This refers to suggested vaccines that will protect the traveler from illness.

Q: Are your services covered by my health insurance? What are the costs?

  • We do not accept any health insurance as payment for our services, but you may file for reimbursement with your insurance company.
  • There is a consultation fee and the vaccines are each priced separately.
  • We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and cash.

Q: What does the consultation entail?

The consultation is individualized and specialized to your itinerary with attention to the following:

  • Required and recommended vaccines
  • Food and water precautions
  • Malaria risks
  • Personal safety risks
  • Medical contact in the area of travel
  • Appropriate prescriptions and discussion regarding travelers’ diarrhea, malaria prevention, altitude sickness, and other destination-specific health risks

Q: What do I do if I become ill while traveling?

  • We have an extensive resource of physicians, personally known to us, world-wide. We can provide you with contact information prior to your departure.
  • We recommend travel and evacuation insurance.
  • We can provide you with 24-hour contact information and email access.